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5 Ways to Wear Colorful Socks

Colorful socks are a great way to show off your personality and style. The problem is that they can be a little bit tricky to get right in an outfit. So you get a colorful pair of socks that you love, now the question is how to wear them in a way that shows them off? We have you covered with these 5 ways to wear colorful socks. Check them out below.

Without Color

Wear an outfit with whites, blacks and other neutral tones. Let the socks be the burst of color in your outfit.

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The Rollup

Nowhere are bold colorful socks more popular than in San Francisco. The problem people are having is that their jeans are covering up too much of their sock purchase. As a result, they are rolling up their jeans to show off some extra sock.


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Over Leggings

Everyone loves black leggings. They go with everything and they are super comfortable to wear. What's the problem? They can be a little bit boring. You can give them a facelift by wearing a nice pair of socks over them.

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Color Your Shoes to Match

Have socks with pink highlights? Then wear a pair of pink shoes.


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With Heels

Socks with heels have been a recent trend on the runway. There are two ways to go here. The 1st is to go with heels that have neutral or even clear patterns. The 2nd way is to wear a patterned heel with the patterned sock. This look is much harder to pull off, but with the right shoe, it can look good.

The Birth of Venus - Imagery Socks

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